To make something unique that stands the test of time you need a family with strong, deep roots and rich traditions.

The Capasso family has always been all about tradition and commitment.

Capasso Tartufi was founded during the 50’s by Cosimo and Andrea and their sons Vincenzo e Massimino. They picked up the legacy their great-grandfather, the best connoisseur of truffles in the area, passed on to them and used this knowledge and experience to start a family business that has been growing and thriving over the years.

In 2015 Cosimo Capasso took over the company as new CEO and Manager. He is a young and passionate entrepreneur with an ambitious project, to transform the family business into something more, something new that aims to make excellent 100% Italian products and could also contribute to the diffusion of a deeper knowledge and appreciation of such a rare and gourmet delicacy as truffles.

For this reason Cosimo Capasso decided to use the Capasso Family coat of arms to make every product instantly recognizable. This golden iconic seal certifies the freshness and the first-rate quality of all the ingredients produced at Capasso Tartufi truffières, as well as the unforgettable taste of the authentic and genuine Italian truffles.