Our products are produced and processed according to the eco-friendly guidelines of the company's owner Cosimo Capasso. In order to ensure the excellence of every product, our company does not use any food additives or artificial preservatives. It is fully committed to preserve the freshness and maintain the quality of the products during all the stages of the production process and storage through natural and biological methods. The entire production process, from harvesting to packaging, is carried out as part of our quality assurance process, by highly specialized staff with the best fresh materials combined with top-notch equipment and techniques to keep intact all the flavor, intense aroma and nutrients of the truffles and all the other natural ingredients.

Good, healthy and enticing, try them all! We offer you three choices on each product: Classic, Suprême, Food-service. Start the “Capasso Tartufi experience” by selecting the option that best suits your cooking needs and enjoy!