The truffle also known as the "jewel of the kitchen" is considered the finest and most valuable among edible fungi, fresh or preserved it has always had a place in gastronomy alongside the finest gourmet products. Widely considered as the gem of Italian cooking, it is highly prized for its unparalleled, distinct flavour and intoxicating aroma. Truffles are harvested by hand using either pigs or trained dogs, they can be very expensive because the price depends on the season’s yield which is not always constant and can not be predicted since it is determined by many factors.


If the scarcity of truffles has made them a rare and expensive delicacy, their mysterious origin on the other hand, has turned them into a myth, the mere idea of truffles has fascinated, writes, philosophers and people in general for centuries. There are several different types of truffles, categorized according to color, aroma, taste etc. Each truffle is different, each one has its peculiar features that set it apart from the others, each one has distinctive characteristics and unique qualities that make it stand out. Choose the one that best suits your gastronomic needs by learning more about them here. Choose wisely and Enjoy!

Take a look at all the different kinds of truffles to learn more about their distinctive characteristics and unique qualities.