Scientific Name:
Tuber Albidum Pico or Tuber Borchi Vittadini.
Campania, Molise, Lazio, Marche, Umbria, Toscana.
January to March.
Rather small in size, it has a very intense aroma unlike the prized white truffle to which is often compared to.
Globular body of regular shape. Smooth and velvety to the touch differs from the Tuber Magnum Pico in color. The peridium (outside) is light colored ranging from yellow to brown. The gleba (inside) is brown with purple or reddish tones, the flesh is crossed by whitish veining.
Rather pungent with a rich garlicky aroma.
Very aromatic and persistent with garlicky notes in background.
It grows in light, sandy soils, rich in limestone in symbiosis with oaks, willows, hornbeam, poplar and other similar trees.
Also known by the popular name of Marzuolo and the scientific name of Tuber Borchi Vittadini. It was named after the two scientists who first wrote a comprehensive study on truffles Count de Borch (1753-1810) a Polish naturalist and the botanist Carlo Vittadini (1800-1865).