Scientific Name:
Tuber Magnum Pico.
Campania, Molise, Piemonte, Emilia Romagna, Toscana, Umbria, Marche, Lazio, Abruzzo.
October to December.
A rare delicacy highly sought after by connoisseurs, it is considered the most delicious and is almost certainly the most expensive truffle in the world.
Bulbous body velvety and smooth to the touch. It has a pale yellowish-beige peridium (outside) that gets darker almost reddish when ripe. The gleba (inside) is a pale yellow with white veining. Its dimensions are quite variable. Some, rare tubers, in the right environmental conditions can be quite large and very expensive.
A very intense and characteristic fragrance with notes of ripe cheese.
Complex flavor with light spicy notes, it recalls the flavor of ripe cheese.
It grows in clay soils, rich in nutrients and humidity in symbiosis with willow, poplar, hornbeam and mostly oak trees.
Truffles are harvested by hand using either pigs or trained dogs, they can be very expensive because the price depends on the season’s yield which is not always constant and can not be predicted since it is determined by many factors. The Latin name of the white truffle “Tuber Magnum” means “appropriate food for rich lords” a clear indication of its high economical value.